Discover freedom with the DRYPRO Full Arm Waterproof Cover!

Designed to offer complete and secure protection, this case is the ideal solution to keep your cast or bandage dry and protected during any water activity.

Perfect for showering, bathing and other water activities or personal hygiene. Allow your bandage, cast, or cast to remain completely dry. We have two types of arm covers, depending on your needs:

There are sizes for Children and Adults

For the protector to work correctly it is necessary that you select the appropriate size. The vacuum system will make it airtight and you can carry out your activities. If the cover is not properly placed, it will not do its job well, this is especially important for children.

How to measure to find your size

Video: How to use your Drypro for Arm?

Children who have to wear a cast or bandage on their arm will enjoy the summer

Beach or Pool?

During the bath or shower, the cast or bandage will be protected, but outdoor activities are where we give children quality of life, being able to enjoy the summer.

Always make sure the cover is properly placed before and during the activity.

They will probably need a size XS or S. Use our calculator, it will suggest the closest size.

Do your water activities

100% waterproof

Drypro covers provide watertightness in your water activities, your cast, cast or bandage will not get wet. Don't forget to check that the protector is properly placed before and during the activity.

Our vacuum system keeps water out so you can shower, bathe and even swim with confidence.

There are many water activities that you can do with Drypro, however in daily life, where showering or bathing is a challenge, is where you will find the most benefit in the use of your Drypro

Made in USA

Patented Vacuum Sealing Technology

DRYPRO is a waterproof protector designed to restore the quality of life for those people who have to wear a plaster cast or bandages, allowing them to take a bath or shower, do outdoor activities, receive hydrotherapy and even swim.

It allows the user to maintain a normal daily life, restore quality of life and enjoy their vacation.