How to measure and use the Drypro Arm and PICC Sleeve

Choosing the correct size is very important to ensure proper use of the DRYPRO. Taking measurements is the same for arm and PICC

1. Measure the circumference of your arm 5 cm above the cast or wound. the Drypro sleeve will not work if it is sealed at elbow height.

2. Measure the length from the fingertips to 5 cm above the cast or wound. As long as the length of the cast cover is greater than your measurement, you're done! Any excess material in the length will be reduced by vacuum sealing.

In the event that the cover is a little longer than you need, no problem. We show you in the video how to adapt it to your length;

-Place the cover over the plaster or bandage.
-Pick up the excess of the cover up to the middle of your arm.
-Make a simple fold from top to bottom until you get the measurement you need.
-Apply the blue air extraction pump to the white nozzle of the DryPro cover.
-Press the blue air extraction pump until all the air is removed from the latex sheath already applied to your arm or leg.
-To make sure that your arm or leg is well insulated under vacuum, wait about 5 minutes before doing any activity related to water. In case you notice that the cover swells, repeat the procedure.